Megan Swansen is a designer creating sustainable collections in San Francisco. Each piece is made by hand in CA or with our like-minded factory partners in the US. 

On The SS18 Denim Project:

I've been thinking about how to push making clothes into an even more sustainable space. Thankfully, fashion has started to move toward better practices with a new sense of self awareness. How do we take it a step further?

I spent some time this year collecting denim people were ready to discard. I asked friends who asked friends who asked friends... I was often asked if it was okay that the denim was damaged beyond repair. Yes! I had the perfect use for unrepairable garments. I cut patches and sewed them together to create yardage of a new denim fabric. I made the denim collection from this fabric. Thank you to every person who took an interest in this project and thank you so much for investing in these one of a kind recycled pieces.